Hydraulic rig UIT-400

Hydraulic rig UIT-400 for enterprises dealing with construction, repair, technical service of water intake, oil and gas wells.

Purpose of UIT-400 rig: tripping casing columns and emergency equipment out of put-in-repair and liquidated water intake and oil and gas production wells in the process of repairing the current stock and developing liquidated wells for higher effectiveness of repair-recovery works and for cost reductions of casing columns purchase. The equipment can also be used for liquidating seizes of the drilling rig, pump-compressor and drilling pipes while water intake, oil and gas wells are tested, tapped and repaired.

There is an increase of water intake, oil and gas wells with expensive casing columns inside out-of-use. The majority of columns after their tripping out may be used a second time so that recourses are substantially saved.

A number of artesian water-well holes exceeds that of oil and gas production wells, so the usage area is expanded.
For water intake wells there are 2 types: filter (depth up to 35 m) and artesian (up to 100-1000 m).
Filter wells are drilled for the nearest water-bearing layer in sand grounds. The well consists of the casing column (diameter 127-133 mm) and filter.
The debit of such wells is up to 1m3/h.
Service period: up to 5-8 years, sometimes up to 15 years.
The disadvantage of filter wells is their silting.

Technical characteristics of UIT-400

Attribute                                                 Value
Nominal pressure, Mpa                           70
Nominal force of forward stroke, kN       4400
Nominal force of reverse stroke,kN         1600
Pump stroke, mm    550
Diameter of tripping-out pipes, mm           50,73,159,168, 219, 273, 325
In-service fluid: VMGZ, MGE-10A

In-service temperature range, C                From -30 up to +40
Overall sizes, mm

Length                                                      1320
Width                                                       760
Height                                                       1555
Min height of pick-up, mm                         495
Weight, kg                                                1750
In-service volume, litres                             31,4*2=62,8


The rig for tripping casing columns out DG-400 includes the lower base plate, on which the immobile pipe clamp and power hydrocylinder of dual operation with hydraulic return are installed. Hydrocylinder rods are connected by non-locating traverser carrying the upper plate with a mobile pipe clamp. Mobile and immobile pipe clamps take a form of 3 wedgelike cams with a female thread, set into the shell. Hydrocylinders are connected by means of  a hydraulic pump station  with nominal pressure700 atm.

Advantages of the rig UIT-400

  • a wide range of tripping-out casing columns
  • usage of high pressure 70MPa has allowed to reduce the weight and overall sizes of the rig.
  • lower pick-up that allows to work with casing columns not so much protruding out of the wellhead
  • the rig can also be used for liquidating sticklings of pump-compressor and drill tubes while oil and gas wells are tested, tapped and repaired.
  • clamper wedging mechanism allows to maintain working capacity of the rig for the further usage

Usage of the rig guarantees tripping of casing columns of corresponding sizes out of big-size wells.

Upon request
developing rigs of required sizes
drive may be connected to the hydrosystem of the drilling rig with the use of the pressure booster.


Буровые установки (агрегаты, станки) шпиндельного типа

Глубина бурения, м
100 м
300 м
500 м
800 м
2000 м

Буровые установки с подвижным вращателем

Глубина бурения, м
до 15 м.
до 25-50 м.
до 100 м.
до 300 м.
до500 м.
до1000 м.
до2000 м.

Буровые установки роторного типа для бурения скважин

Глубина бурения, м
до 25-50 м.
до 200 м.
600-800 м.
Глубина бурения 2000-3000 м.

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Буровые установки и оборудование для глубокого бурения

Глубина бурения, м
Глубина бурениядо 3200м
Глубина бурения до 4000 м
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Глубина бурения 6000- 8000 м